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Grow Your Business with re.ACT®

re.ACT is a real-time engagement (RTE) technology company that provides organizations with a flexible mobile platform to engage consumers in the moment. Our patent pending technology provides new insight into emotion based data which is easily tracked on your own private dashboard. We make it easy for your customers to provide you with real time feedback on a platform that is personal to your brand. If you've registered your business with Google® you're already listed in the re.ACT app. All you need to do is sign up to start taking advantage of data that may have already been collected for your business††. Ultimately, you will glean insight from the market in real-time to drive better business decisions.


All of this and more is available today for as little as $29 a month or $299 a year.

Move at Your Speed

re.ACT causes and effects can be updated in real-time, so it's highly adaptable to any environment. When you make changes to the things you want feedback for, everything updates immediately, right in the app. With that adaptability comes a level of detail and customization that you can operate ‘on the fly’ in ways that have never been possible before.


All that data populates your dashboard in real time, so you can react to trends in the moment rather than hours, days, or weeks later. And if you want to dig deeper, we provide access to historical data to track and identify trends over time. You can breakdown your data over different time periods, by cause and effect, and even by location with geo-tracking.


Your brand is important, but it is only is good as it is perceived. re.ACT allows you to craft the right perception by providing a level of analytics that has never been more flexible and pertinent.

How's Your Business, Really?

Traditional feedback methods such as in-store paper surveys or delayed email inquiries aren’t very efficient. This process is cumbersome, and doesn’t allow your organization to react to needs quickly. We make it easy for your customers to tell you how they feel by placing a virtual opinion card in their pockets. They don’t have to try to recall their experience, visit a website, or go out of their way to let you know how your organization is performing. Your customers can even add comments and pictures to help you better understand their experiences. Bottom line: increase your feedback base while obtaining a more accurate picture of how you are engaging your customers. And because of the ease of use for your customers, you're also far more likely to hear what you're doing right, and not just what needs improvement.


Mobile technology is the catalyst for the real-time engagement revolution. re.ACT helps organizations of all sizes harness the power of RTE.

Make it Easy for Your Customers

With re.ACT you never have to ask your customers for their email, social media, phone number or any other personal information. Consumers are fatigued, and they are wary of spam and unwanted emails. With re.ACT, you respect their privacy while still allowing them to give you honest and anonymous feedback in real-time.


When you sign up you can customize your causes and effects, add links to messages, web pages, and offers right in the app. So you'll be getting feedback on exactly what you want.


Customers can react to as many or as few things as they'd like. Unlike web-based surveys, there's no need to go to an outside web page or answer a multitude of questions that might not be relevant to them. re.ACT makes it super easy for your customers to let you know what they're thinking.

What We Are Not

re.ACT is not a social platform that posts public ratings of your business. We do not post star ratings or reviews like other platforms. However, our application does get to know users by their feedback at businesses and to brands of all kinds. This way, we create an anonymous profile of their tendencies and behaviors. Inside the app, every business will have a re.ACT index number that tells them how likely they are to have a positive experience at any business*. This number is unique to each user, and is not meant to be a reflection of the overall quality of a brand. We don't operate that way.


What does this mean to you? You're more likely to attract new customers that will have a great experience with your business or brand because you've been matched right inside the app. We really think it's a win-win.

Speak With Clarity & Precision

re.ACT offers a new and truly unique way to speak to your customers while preserving their privacy and without blind digital marketing. When someone reacts to your brand, they are put into re.ACT groups based on their responses inside the app. You can then speak directly to those customers. You can send messages, offers or coupons in real time or schedule automatic responses based on several specific parameters**.


So, let's say that Jill Customer loved your blue widgets last week, and she told you so with the re.ACT app. When you run a special on blue widgets, you can let her, and everyone else who loved the blue widgets know. They'll receive a message in the re.ACT app that they can save or dismiss. It's an excellent way to speak to your customers while preserving their anonymity.


And your customers can opt to leave a re.ACT group at any time. They'll only re-enter any group when they give you more feedback. re.ACT 'Speak' is a powerful new tool that has endless possibilities.


re.ACT is real time engagement for everyone. We're excited to see how you'll use it. Click here to sign up now or to learn more, check out this video.

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*re.ACT indexing is expected to be available Q4 2017.

**Message scheduling is expected to be available Q2 2018.

†Speak is expected to be available Q1 2018.

††There is no guarantee or promise of existing data for any business in  any form.

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