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All About the App

re.ACT® is a feedback app unlike anything that's come before. With re.ACT, you can give feedback on literally millions of businesses, brands, and experiences around the world. And it's easy!


We all have experiences that we'd like to share with businesses, but it usually involves going to a website, filling out a survey, or leaving  a comment card in a box. Surveys often require us to answer questions that aren't relevant, and who knows where comment cards end up?


re.ACT only takes a few seconds, and you only respond to things that are important to you. Best of all, you remain anonymous. After you've signed up, you can react anywhere and the business will never see your personal information.


re.ACT also let's you tell businesses when you've had great experiences. We are quick to talk about businesses where we have had bad experiences, but it's hard to speak to our good experiences. With re.ACT, it's so quick, you can pull your phone out, and in a few seconds share your positive experience with almost any business or brand.

re.ACT Gets to Know

You Better!

Over time re.ACT gets to know you and your preferences based on your reactions. You will get a re.ACT Number for every business or brand that is in the re.ACT app. Each re.ACT number on the right ranges from from 0-100. The higher the number, the more suited the place is to you.


This re.ACT number is unique to you, and is more than just a star rating. re.ACT takes you're likes, dislikes, and individual behavior into account when delivering your re.ACT Numbers. The more you use the app, the more it will get to know you and the more accurate your re.ACT Numbers will be!


So, if you land in Miami and are in the mood for a Latté, just search coffee shops nearby, and you'll get a list of the shops that you're most likely to enjoy*. Easy.

Keep in Touch

If a business has registered with Google® they are already in the re.ACT app, so you can start sharing your feedback right away. Businesses that use the re.ACT platform can also speak back to you!†† You might receive offers, coupons, specials, or just a 'Thanks' for your feedback.


When you give feedback, you are placed in a group of like-minded customers that only the business can see. Again, you remain anonymous. But they can send you messages and offers, and you can leave a re.ACT group at any time. So if you love the service you get at your local bookshop, let them know with re.ACT and you might get a 'Thank You' coupon for your loyalty**.


re.ACT really is a different kind of feedback app. It's the app that can give back!


Download the app and start reacting! To learn more about re.ACT, check out this video.



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*re.ACT RTE, Inc does not guarantee the quality of goods, services, or experiences.

**re.ACT RTE, Inc is not responsible for messages, offers, coupons, or any other communication between a business subscriber and a re.ACT user. re.ACT RTE, Inc does not guarantee the delivery or receipt of any coupons. Messages, coupons, and offers are sent at the sole discretion of the business subscriber.

†re.ACT Numbers are expected to be available Q4 2017.

††Speak is expected to be available Q1 2018.

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