Real Time Engagement

re.ACT is Like a Comment Card in Your Pocket!

re.ACT® is a platform that allows users and organizations to converse by way of Real Time Engagement (RTE).


Users provide feedback to organizations via the app anonymously.  Organizations can respond to users with custom messages, offers, coupons and incentives.


Users share reactions in the moment, providing organizations the most authentic, real-time data and sophisticated insights to behavior.

Businesses are Listening

re.ACT is a real-time engagement (RTE) app that allows you to express your feelings about almost anything, anytime and anywhere.


                                                             Great experience at the coffee shop?

                                                Let them know with the re.ACT app.


                                                      Waiting too long to check out at the store?

                                          Why not express your feelings with re.ACT?


re.ACT allows you to give anonymous feedback at hundreds of thousands of businesses, venues, events and more around the world.


                                                       Your opinions are important, so share them!

                                                   Download and start reacting today.

Real-Time Data & True Insight

The re.ACT dashboard pulls back data from the app in real time. This allows brands to see and respond in the moment. The dashboard also stores historical data for tracking, recognizing, and responding to trends over time.



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